Industrial Cleaning Services

At Cleanovation we strive to be as versatile as possible; we pride ourselves on keeping up with modern procedures and training regarding health and safety as well as productivity, and new technologies in order to meet our clients’ industrial cleaning requirements. This enables us to be an ‘all in one’ contract, and saves our clients from having to deal with multiple businesses or individuals to do what needs to be done. Our Industrial Cleaning services include:

  • Washroom & Feminine Hygiene; Sanitary bins, soap dispensers, aerosol dispensers, hand dryers etc.
  • Waste removal; we can organise removal of your waste, including general and recycling.
  • Dust mats
  • Blinds cleaning
  • Graffiti removal
  • Computer & I.T Equipment cleaning
  • Janitorial & Consumable Products; we can automatically manage the stock levels for you then supply and deliver your chosen consumables.

We provide all consumables needed, a lot of investigation goes into making sure they’re all as safe and environmentally friendly as possible to ensure that your business, as well as ours, is responsible and sustainable. These include bin liners, loo rolls, paper towels, and washing products.

Contact us here to discuss your industrial cleaning requirements and receive a free quotation with no obligation. We’d love to be in touch.