Professional Deep Cleaning Services

Deep cleaning isn’t as scary or as expensive as it may sound, and most people don’t realise the positive effects it can have on both the physical and mental health of people in the workplace or learning institution as well as the building itself.

Regular deep cleans can prolong the life of almost everything in your workspace, including carpets, air ducts, tiling and skirting. And at Cleanovation we have the facilities and technical knowhow to make the process as easy and accessible as possible for you.

Our professional deep cleaning services will benefit all areas, however are more required for spaces containing:

  • Toilet and washroom areas
  • Kitchens, kitchenettes and canteen areas
  • Hard floors, carpets & upholstery
  • High level areas, including exposed air ducting, where dust collects

We are happy to supply deep cleaning services on a one-off basis if this is required, however we do offer scheduling to suit your needs and requirements throughout the year, so you can do your job knowing that Cleanovation are keeping your workspace immaculate.

Contact us here to discuss your professional deep cleaning requirements and recieve a free quotation with no obligation.