A Cleaning Company You Can Always Believe In...

Being one of the best cleaning companies in London, Cleanovation has acquired a great deal of experience in the 30 years that we’ve been in business; we move with the times and ensure that we stay ahead of the curve to consistently deliver immaculate work to our clients in order to firmly ground ourselves as one of the best cleaning companies in London.

  • Nicholas Morley
    Nicholas Morley
    Founder & Director
  • Fernando Florez
    Fernando Florez
    Area Manager
  • Marie Murphy
    Marie Murphy
    Sales Executive, Human Resources & Payroll
  • Tony McCarthy
    Tony McCarthy
    Window Cleaning Manager

Each and every operative is highly trained and works effectively to ensure quality service, always assisted by our management team when required. Our staff training programmes keep us up to date with correct cleaning methods and safety considerations to make sure that the client, as well as our staff, is kept safe at all times.

As our name suggests, Cleanovation relies on the best innovation and development in materials, equipment, and chemicals, to achieve the best cleaning results with absolute consideration to the sustainability of the environment. This includes making sure we’re up to date with COSHH using environmentally friendly products and managing our logistics departments to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our clients are always delighted by our ability to adapt and resolve any technical infrastructure issues that arise from time to time; which they have been unable to overcome themselves. It's because of this adaptability, combined with our immaculate results and core values that our client always come back to us, and why we're considered one of the best cleaning companies in London.

Get in touch for more information on our cleaning services and find out why our clients label us as the best cleaning company in London.