Carbon Footprint

As a leading provider of professional cleaning services in London, it’s important to be environmentally conscious, especially as we have lots of clients around London that we regularly visit.

We pride ourselves on keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible. Our Operations & Contract Managers strategise the logistics of our services in order to optimise our journeys to do the least amount of driving that we can. This includes organising deliveries in a manner that reduces driving time and even taking public transport where possible. These efforts not only help our impact on the environment, but reduce our costs, allowing us to charge you less.

Cleanovation is happy to say we are compliant and certified with ISO 14001 Environmental Management standards.

In order to supply high specification cleaning services, you need to use high quality cleaning products, which is exactly what we do. We are focused on supplying our clients with the best possible finishes and most professional work possible, and using high quality products help us to accomplish this.

However, we also strive to make our processes, regulation compliant and as environmentally friendly as possible; with a focus on the health and safety of our clients and employees. We continuously review our wide range of specialist products to make sure that we adapt and keep up so we can be as environmentally and economically sustainable as possible.

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